Failed Products That Made These Companies Regret Creating Them


Hoverboards, 2015

In 2015 hoverboards turned out to be one of the biggest tech flops. Why? Because they could potentially catch fire and burn your house down.

Google Glass, 2013-2014

Google Glass, launched in 2013, was a very flawed attempt to create smart glasses. The device retailed for $1,500 and failed to carry out any of its intended functions well. These high-tech glasses also reportedly raised some very serious safety and privacy concerns.

Delorean Dmc-12, Delorean Motor Company, 1981

You probably know this car for its appearance in the movie Back to the Future movie. Notable for its gull-wing doors, the car was plagued by performance and safety issues. It was on the market only for three years before production was stopped.

 Jimmy Dean Chocolate Chip Pancake-Wrapped Sausage, 2006

In 2016 Jimmy Dean introduced a strange combination – sausage links wrapped in chocolate chip pancakes on a stick. The saying “it might be crazy enough to work” did not apply to this product.

 Pepsi Blue, 2002

Segway, 2001

Segway was launched in 2001 with very high expectations. However, this two-wheeled expensive vehicle failed to live up to the hype. It came with a price tag of $5,000 and despite being quite innovative it just wasn’t that appealing or necessary to consumers.

Nintendo’s Virtual Boy, 1995

In 1995 Nintendo introduced a huge mess called the Virtual Boy which was marketed as the first virtual reality console. In reality, it was far from it. The console actually used a parallax effect to create an illusion of depth. The reviews were mainly negative, and as the sales plummeted Virtual Boy was considered a huge failure.The reviews were mainly negative, and as the sales plummeted Virtual Boy was considered a huge failure.

Cologne, Harley Davidson, 1990


Back in 1990, Harley Davidson went too far with brand extension. The brand released many strange products but it seems that bikers decided that enough is enough after the Harley Davidson introduced cologne. The cologne failed to interest consumers and made Harley Davidson realize that they should stop stretching the brand into other product categories.

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Failed Products That Made These Companies Regret Creating Them

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