10 Amazing Photos That Won The 2018 Travel Photographer Of The Year Awards (Part 3)

The jury of the Travel Photographer of the Year awards (TPOTY) have just announced their winners, and they perfectly portray the beautiful diversity of our colorful world. Photographers from 142 countries submitted more than 20,000 entrants to the competition, but only one took home the grand prize.

Stefano Pensotti was named the Travel Photographer of the Year for his stunning portfolio of eight photographs, depicting how ordinary citizens engaged with their surroundings across several different continents.

To explore more, visit: tpoty.com

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Hot/Cold, Runner-Up, Philip Lee Harvey, United Kingdom


“Snow seldom lays for long in London, but when it does, people make snowmen all around the city”

Travel, Special Mention, Yingting Shih, Taiwan

“A red crane cleaning its own feathers looks like a taijitu. A taijitu is a symbol or diagram representing Taiji (Supreme Ultimate) which contains one circle with an inner pattern of symmetry representing yin and yang. The concept of Taiji can be traced back to the Daoism in the Dao De Jing. The oneness of the Dao implies the ideal way of existing and the perfect path of balance in our world.”

Tranquillity, Commended, Scott Portelli, Australia

“Dusky Dolphins travel together in great numbers in the deep canyons of the Kaikoura in search of food.”

 Young Travel Photographer Of The Year, Winner, Isabella Smith, United States

“This really grabbed my attention! I thought this local boy using oranges as balls, was the opposite of kids in my country playing with expensive toys.”

Travel Portfolio, Winner, Matjaz Krivic, Slovenia

“Kids playing on the main minaret of the Grand Masjid in Bani, Burkina Faso, during Eid al-Fitr”

Trave, Highly Commended, Magdaléna Straková, Czech Republic

“A young mahout rests in the shade underneath his elephant Shanti”

Hot/Cold, Highly Commended, Joshua Holko, Australia

“Joshua photographing polar bears during winter storm in Svalbard”

Travel Portfolio, Winner, Matjaz Krivic, Slovenia
Travel – Special Mention, Paul Sansome, United Kingdom

“Iceland is simply extraordinary – a unique wilderness of volcanic landscapes, stunning waterfalls, vast, empty beaches and great bird life.The Icelandic people are defined by their relationship with this land and the human impact of remote farms, isolated churches and fishing villages contribute to the photographers subject matter”

Beauty Of Light,commended, Oscar Tarneberg, United Kingdom

This is a famous highway intersection in Shanghai where two of the city’s core arteries meet.

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10 Amazing Photos That Won The 2018 Travel Photographer Of The Year Awards (Part 3)

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