Top 6 Digital Marketing Myths BUSTED!


These 6 Myths you have often heard in the market. Whenever you go to get a digital marketing service. Or hear about digital marketing.

You only need money for digital marketing:

If you have the money, you can do digital marketing. Money is not everything. For example, you have a lot of money you are marketing and doing. You don’t see anything, and you’re just showing Aid. Is your product outstanding? Now we are marketing everywhere. He will see our Aid from anywhere. It will come to our landing page. If our on‏ land page is not good. So what if the reviews below aren’t good? What will you do then? So digital marketing will do nothing. So with more money, you can’t buy good customers.

My competitor is not using digital marketing, so why should I?

If my competitor is not doing digital marketing, why should I? So this is not an opportunity for you. People think digital marketing is lacking in scope. Because my competitor is not doing, he is not even doing so big. What do I need to do you ever thought you have the entire digital channel empty where you can market, for the new Audience. This is the biggest fool.

Digital Marketing is only for big companies or small companies:

Many people say that digital marketing is for big business. Digital marketing is for everyone. Whether the business is small or large. Your budget starts at $ 1. So you can start digital marketing from there too. Your budget is also up to $ 1 million a day. So you can still do digital marketing. So digital marketing is for every company. Whether small or large.

Creating a website is enough for digital marketing:

Some people understand this. We just created the website, and we’re done. Creating a website does not mean digital marketing. Website means. Your digital identity has crashed. Nothing more. Now you can bring your digital identity to your consumer by marketing. For example, you have a shop. Once you’ve created your website, it’s become your digital shop. Any user who comes will visit your digital shop. If you want to call it physical, so it will come from your digital shop to the physical shop. But you have to call, and you have to do marketing.

SEO is dead:

Have heard from many people. Cannot be SEO is always an Evergreen topic. Wherever anyone has a question, they will search. And how will the search result come about? He will come because of SEO. Whether they take it to a blog form or not, they take it to a video form. So you have to understand Video SEO too. You also have to understand SEO, as well. So that your website can be ranked. One thing to always remember. Which is the traffic that SEO gets? That’s a lot of quality traffic. Because those men are still researching. Those guys are trying to figure out right now.

Which website is better?

Some people believe this. That word press website is not good. Coding websites are the best. This has nothing to do with digital marketing. There is just a slight difference between the two. At today’s time, you can do the same things you can do on Word Press. You also get a few adjustments in Word Press. You can start working on a cheap budget. In a coded website, you have to go to the big-budget in startup itself. In a startup, you will start working with two or three thousand dollars? You can get started working on Word Press. You need to upload photos of your product. You can do it yourself. The interface is so easy. Tension is when a lot of heavy traffic is coming to your site. Then you have a server expensive. Then you have to move towards coding.

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