Facebook and Whatsapp Has Started Releasing Its New News Tab


Why do WhatsApp messages disappear?

In the WhatsApp you can now better protect yourself from joining group chat in a new way. WhatsApp has replaced nobody with my contacts except in the privacy setting. With this feature, specific people will not be able to drag you to group chat. For example, now you can allow only your friends and family to add yourself to a group, but forbid office colleges from doing so. As before, the group admins still cannot add you to the group, but can send an invitation to join the group in PM. This invitation disappears after three days.

Has WhatsApp Started showing ads

This feature has been released on Android and iOS device. The launch of this feature shows that inviting users to join groups is still a big issue for the users. The biggest problem for WhatsApp is the spread of fake news, which the company also introduces for new solutions. Keeps doing.

How do you use Twitter?

After a month’s experience, Twitter is now offering the feature to follow topics for 3 users. These topics include topics like sports, entertainment and gaming.

On these topics, users will be able to see the tweets from important accounts that they do not follow. This feature will also give users an idea of ​​what personality account they should follow in this regard. Will also increase the number of topics. This feature will increase the reach of users’ tweets. Users’ tweets will be seen not only by the hashtag but also for the followers of the topics. It’s difficult to say whether it’s effective or not at all, before coming up with a feature to follow.

Can I use WhatsApp on Android?

WhatsApp has announced that now Android users can also lock the application with fingerprint sensor. This new feature will improve security of WhatsApp. Even though the phone is unlocked from this feature, it will be necessary to provide fingerprints once again while opening the WhatsApp. This feature was released last February for iOS devices. It has now been released for Android devices.

How do you see news on Facebook?

Facebook has announced Facebook News. Initial experiences of this journalism portal, Facebook News, have begun. These will continue till 2020. On Facebook News, users will also be able to see the news of their chosen publishers, and they will also see news from Facebook which, according to the company, will be related to the subscribers. Facebook News will display news tailored to users’ choice.

This news item will be based on what users have read, but users will also be able to view their favorite news from the Favorites section. Facebook News will only show news about websites that do not receive traffic through click bait, do not spread hateful and misleading content. The good thing is that the information provided by this service will not only be algorithm based, but human editors will be working behind them.

Is WhatsApp linked Facebook

The service has just been released to major US cities and metro areas, such as New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, Fort Worth, Philadelphia, DC, Miami, Houston, Atlanta and Boston. News from local newspapers in these areas will be shown preferably from this platform. To select this feature you must first select Account and then Fingerprint Lock under Privacy from the Settings menu. This feature will allow you to open the app with a fingerprint, but remember that despite this feature, incoming phone calls to WhatsApp can be answered even when the app is locked.

With this feature, users can select the lock time of the app immediately, 1 minute later and 30 minutes later. With this feature, users can also view the text and sender name of the message in the notification section and also if they want the notification function.

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