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The world of Twitter is already very small, and if within this small world, your message is not reaching the limited followers, or if your message has no effect then there is no point in using your Twitter. Now the client who gives you the project within the world of freelancing will want to, within that, whatever you are tweeting, its followers will arrive exactly and have an impact. So friends inside this article we will tell you how you can tweet timely or effectively on Twitter. And increase the responsiveness on top of that.


The first and the most important point is that you have to learn how to manage the influencer. As you know within Instagram, there are some celebrities, who are just and only Instagram celebrities. Similarly, Twitter has its own celebrity. You have to see if you are managing these influencers well. As you tweet a very big celebrity, and he tweets in response. Now that celebrity is an influence because this celebrity has so many followers that is, when you message it and message you in reply, your message is reached by tens of thousands of people in one click. So one thing to keep in mind, is how to manage it when you get a retweet back. Do you have to answer back, or will you have the benefit of answering it or how can your message reach all those who are involved with this celebrity? Managing this is the most important one for effective tweeting.


Going beyond this is the next point, Analyze you tweets. This is very important. Just like how you look at Facebook and Instagram daily, how many likes and how many comments you get, like Twitter, see if you are receiving a tweet or not. People are applying to you, responding or not.

If they are not, then that means your tweeting is not effective. So it becomes very important to make it effective, to make its content strong.

Viral Content:

The next point is viral content. Use your tweet, to make the content viral. Viral means, it’s like a virus. Like online viruses. You share a comment, people like it, share it ahead of time, and it gets shared to a lot of people in a short amount of time. Most of the global trends you have seen on Twitter are spreading like fire, because people want to read this news. So use this kind of content about your brand or your client, which people want to read and when people read it, it will have a retweet, a retweet, a mention, a sharing, so your message will reach to more and more people.

Emotional Level:

This means connecting with your followers on an emotional level. You see, what kind of content your follower wants to read. If he / she is looking to read the kind of content, please tweet the content of the Depressed. If he wants to read Humor, wait for Humor. There are a variety of emoticons. Learn these emotions, and apply them to your tweeting.


Looking ahead, here comes the trending topic. This joke is becoming very popular on Twitter. Make the most of it within Twitter, within your marketing within trading campaigns. You see, what’s trending, or what’s trending them? If there are many hot topics and your brand is related to this topic, take advantage of it and spread the word to as many people as possible using the hashtag, this trend. Then your times on which you are tweeting. If you are using a time in which most people are not available, that is, most are not retweeting. So what this means is, you are not selecting the time correctly. So see when people or you follow your user. Tweet using this timeline. If you used the wrong time, within which more tweets did not return to you, after analysis, retweet it so that it reaches more people.

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