Digital Marketing- 6 Internationally Recognized Courses


Did you know that over 80% of job advertising is now used by non-traditional marketing sources? This means regular jobs aren’t advertised for these jobs. This includes having a personal website for talented candidates looking for a job, staying active on social media, and joining professional networks for recommendation has become important. Today we will introduce you to 5 of the most important online marketing courses in digital marketing, which are not only absolutely free, but their importance is recognized internationally.

Google Online Marketing Challenge:

This is the most renowned online course on digital marketing. Which Google offers for free? Thank you for the gold, that you can win the prize of Google too. Over the past eight years, more than 100,000 people in over 100 countries have participated in the Google Online Marketing Challenge. This is a module based online course. Introductory Digital Marketing is the most comprehensive digital marketing course for beginners with search engine marketing, search advertising, display advertising, mobile social analytics and video. Not only this, Google also offers a $ 250 Ad Words budget to students taking this course. Students have to use this budget within three weeks to launch an online advertising campaign for their business or nonprofit. Google also offers rewards to the most successful students.

Word Streams PPC University

PPC University is a great resource for free online learning. Which you can build PPC and digital marketing skills. Word Stream has access to thousands of accounts that spend billions of dollars on PPC advertising. There is a training system for beginners to advanced learners, while additional social advertising modules are also included. You need to access multiple websites to learn digital marketing. Not only that, but it’s all mobile-friendly, so you can refer to your course wherever you have the opportunity.

Social Media Quick starter

Constant Contact’s social media Quick Starer digital marketing course works to maximize the benefits of both challenges by integrating email with social media marketing.

Students and course participants are taught about digital marketing on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google, YouTube, blogging, online logging and review, websites. This course is perfect for beginners’ level marketing professionals.

Inbound Digital Marketing Course:

This extremely comprehensive digital marketing course is taught online by Hotspot Academy. It includes 38 lectures of four and a half hour duration, which are taught for free. Students and participants are taught inbound marketing, SEO, landing planning, conversion optimization, lead neutering and email marketing. It is also reported that, using all these tools, an inbound marketing strategy can be set up. Following the certification exam, graduates receive a Badge for their resume or LinkedIn profile, indicating that they have obtained a digital marketing course certificate from Hub Start Academy.

Alison Free Diploma in e-Business:

Allison is an online training community of more than six million registered users, where certified and standard base courses are taught absolutely free. , And also has the honor of being the first online community to provide Online Open Course Massive (MOOC). You register for Free Digital Marketing Course Diploma in e-Business on Ellison and learn SEO and Google, Analytics, Ad Words, Campaign Tracking, Review Matrix, Digital Measurement, and many other tools. Daily Sun also teaches you How to Code, which is very important for any company and even your own start-up.

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