The Kiss – Gustav Klimt | (High Res) Painting & Interesting Facts

The Kiss (Lovers) was painted by the Austrian Symbolist painter Gustav Klimt between 1907 and 1908, the highpoint of his “Golden Period”, when he painted a number of works in a similar gilded style. The work is composed of oil paint with applied layers of gold leaf, an aspect that gives it its strikingly modern, yet evocative appearance.

The painting is now in the Österreichische Galerie Belvedere museum in the Belvedere palace, Vienna, and is widely considered a masterpiece of the early modern period. It is a symbol of Vienna Jugendstil—Viennese Art Nouveau—and is considered Klimt’s most popular work. Source [WikiPedia]

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interesting facts kiss

Interesting Facts Kiss
  • Sale of “The Kiss” broke records. 

The Belvedere paid 25,000 crowns (or about $240,000 today) to buy this piece of artwork when it hasn’t even been finished yet. Previously the highest price paid for any painting was paltry 500 crowns.

  • The kiss could be a self portrait

Some art historians believe and put forward a theory that the lovers which are seen lip-locking in the paintings are Klimt himself and his partner, fashion designer Emilie Flöge.

  • The Kiss & Klimt minted in 2003

Austria released a 100 Euro coin which had etching of a portrait of Klimt at work in his studio on one side and The Kiss on the other.

  • The girl could be another muse

Some people have poised that the lady in the painting “The Kiss” maybe actually salon hostess and society woman Adele Bloch-Bauer, who had posed for a Golden Period portrait that same year. interesting facts kiss

  • It’s size is very big

The size of the “The Kiss” is huge. With measures of 180 centimeters by 180 centimeters, it is nearly a 6 feet square.

  • Klimt career was on the decline when he painted this

Before creating this masterpiece, Klimt received critical reaction in the first decade of 20th century. Because of the nudity in these works, his interpretation of PhilosophyMedicine and Jurisprudence were derided as “pornography” and “perverted excess,” wounding his reputation. interesting facts kiss

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The Kiss – Gustav Klimt | (High Res) Painting & Interesting Facts

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